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Post by invisible legend on Tue Dec 18, 2012 6:28 pm

[2012 TVB Awards Ceremony Gala] Img_6715-500x333

TVB Awards Ceremony 2012 pioneered the television industry awards ceremony once the first time the first of its kind, "Best Male Actress", "Best Drama" three awards, decide the hands of every vote in the audience, a veritable be welcomed The awards ceremony! Heavyweight emcee Carol Cheng partnership with Jerry Lamb, Cuijian Bang served as program host, the first time for everyone to access instant mood of the candidates. The programs are also invited to many entertainment celebrity presentation of awards, the stage more starry.
T'ai "eunuch" sets won the best reputation is bound to catch the head went up, plus netizens touted as eyeing oratorio "" Heaven and Earth "," Best Drama "in the name of the final Whispering regard someone as the Emperor, war intelligence equally compact. "On Call 36 hours" Kenneth played specialists "a head" to curry favor with the performance of Malaysia, as the emperor awards recently won by virtue of angle, the situation is favorable; Damian play road aspect, "ladies as mayor played mixing in four wealthy businessmen between Mrs. Chung Cheuk Wan, played with great accuracy, popular; "eunuch" the head eunuch corner of the character level varied, two-time, as the Emperor Wayne Lai ability to take three times king? Raymond to break the official Tsai's image of the bone over the years, "Thunder antidrug impulsive detective" Happy Sir "to stand out, sitting on his thousands of fans with this year voted the Lee Yuedeng large hot as well!

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