Let It Be Love - 4 In Love [daily auto-update]

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Let It Be Love - 4 In Love [daily auto-update]

Post by Coffee on Tue Jan 31, 2012 7:09 am

Title: Let It Be Love - 4 In Love
Total Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: TVB

Moses Chan
Charmaine Sheh
Kenny Wong
Elvina Kong
King Kong
Rachel Kan
Wong Ka Hung
Tracy Ip
Florence Kwok
Mary Hon
Janet Chow
Lau Dan


The series revolves around 4 love stories.

A short public officer (Wai Kar Hung) falls for a 42-inch long leg beauty (Tracy Ip). Due to their mismatched appearance, the couple goes through twist and turns, but in fact their so-called distance is only 5 inches...

Sport News Prince (Kenny Wong) always falls in love with women with boyfriends (Alvina Kong). The distance between the Prince and these women are just a matter of timing...

An one-night stand wealthy guy (King Kong) can easily make women undress. It's no wonder they aren't any mysterious creatures that interests him. The distance between this wealthy guy and true love is the mismatch of morals.

The love between Asia's Superstar (Charmaine Sheh) and a mechanic from MongKok (Moses Chan) is a distance like heaven and earth...


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Re: Let It Be Love - 4 In Love [daily auto-update]

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