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 [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete] Empty [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete]

Post by invisible legend on Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:37 am

 [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete] 110707144986a87208f76935d5

Area: Mainland
Released: 2011
Language Subtitles: Cantonese, the word
File format: rmvb
Starring: Ling Xiao Su, Lee Tsung-han, Tammy, Fiona Sit, Yang Mi, Wu Yingjie, Law Ka Ying


BA emotional truth at the same time curious, more focused about the struggle between the hero's past life, and filled movie for Wang Sheng, Yong Pang between friend and enemy also described the complex relationship blank. "

TV version of "Painted Skin" screen is more magical than the movie. TV will be more magical than the movie screen appears, "for example, left a deep impression to the audience a small shed and Pei Rong Wei's 'into the magic of' the lens, television shows and movies will not show the same way , we are pursuing is a oriental fantasy, film visual effects will not lose. "TV version of" Painted Skin "will be the first fight cause love fantasy drama.

"Fell monsters are" old summer there are two female disciples: Xia Bing and adopted granddaughter small only. Xiao Wei feeling cheated, demon of the wrong hands manslaughter sudden summer old, Bing Xia Xiao Wei vows revenge seeking. Du Wei Wang was born in a battle to save the next and back Jiangdu Xiao Wei, Xiao Wei wife Pei Rong generous shelter. Pei Ronghuai suspect is small only demon, but no one believed. So she got Pang Yong. Pang Yong Wang was born leaders, with Wang Sheng, Pei Rong is more a love triangle.

Pang Yong encountered in the survey for the grandfather revenge Xia Bing, Bing Xia Yong Pang recognized martial arts is the fell monsters, "those who can afford." Pang Yong, Xia Bing strength of witchcraft can not expose a small CD, although the upper hand at the Wang Xiao Wei has not been born "heart." She Pei Rong Shi, "Painted Skin" Yaofa, so that everyone wear tolerance is demon misunderstanding. Wang Sheng Yong Pang ultimately, to Xiao Wei Bing Xia uniform, small only quietly dies, Pei Rong and Wang Sheng finally hugged together. Pang Yong, Xia Bing together on the road, fell monsters volt monster waves continue to travel the road.

 [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete] 110707144948585b8fc4f3d54d [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete] 1107071449dd3fa1a84662a61c [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete] 1107071450fdb70d6edcf8188c [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete] 110707145011905924edaf5d01 [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete] 1107071450b358afc38d9502dc

invisible legend

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 [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete] Empty Re: [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete]

Post by yinfantso on Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:39 pm

thanks for sharing!


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 [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete] Empty Re: [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete]

Post by mandan on Sat Sep 17, 2011 1:22 am

thanks for uploading Wink


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 [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete] Empty Re: [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete]

Post by ladysweetevn on Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:59 am

thanks for sharing.


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 [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete] Empty Re: [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete]

Post by ShiShi on Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:58 pm

wow never knew this series existed thanks Smile


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 [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete] Empty Re: [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete]

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 [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete] Empty Re: [cn-series]画皮~Painted Skin [complete]

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