[cn-series]风云II~Wind & Cloud [complete] canto

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[cn-series]风云II~Wind & Cloud [complete] canto Empty [cn-series]风云II~Wind & Cloud [complete] canto

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[cn-series]风云II~Wind & Cloud [complete] canto 110723220964b63045b36d6676

[II] situation has been called "the first martial arts epic in 2004," the play to spend 30 million yuan, is the 2002 "Storm", the gold producer She notes the sequel to the preparations for a long time, continue to Part One of "wind" Chiu and "cloud" starring Peter Ho, Swallow `new 'Huang Relay performance" second dream, "and starred in the beautiful Qin Lan is" neat "and a strong team behind the foreground. Location traveled to Sichuan Xiling Snow Mountain, Bamboo Sea and so to shoot, beautiful snow-capped mountains of the vast, endless sea of \u200b\u200bbamboo to make the image richer. The fantasy martial arts moves, with a large number of the latest computer graphics, will present a "wind"From the" cloud "Chung fantasy martial arts world. And invited several times to continue to cooperate as action director Ching Siu-tung, art director William Chang Awards and got any clothing design, a change of use of hoods on a series of modeling approach, Chiu played Whispering Wind to a cool short hair style appearance, the role of image look. Clothing, is specifically tailored for the four main characters shape, stylish design combined with the costume, costumes dazzling.

E4 as an exhibit to identify the child after the father and ask as much as possible do not let his son learn the Wu dream, dream promised.

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[cn-series]风云II~Wind & Cloud [complete] canto Empty Re: [cn-series]风云II~Wind & Cloud [complete] canto

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